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Hello fellow modellers.

My name is Mick Lomax and I was born in Luton and lived there until the end of 2014, when we moved up to West Yorkshire. I had spent my early teenage years building models, mainly aircraft and armour in 1/72nd and 1/76th scales, but also dabbled in model railways. As with most teenage boys, we discover beer and girls in the later teen years so modelling went out of the window. When I had settled down with my own family, I rediscovered the model railway scene in the early 90's and then after a while, joined Dunstable Model Railway Club of which I remained with until the closed down around 2005. By this time, I had rekindled my interest with model kit building. I started building automotive kits mainly in 1/24th and 1/25th scales slowly getting a selection of kits to work on. A few years after getting back into the model building hobby, I decided to find a model club near where I lived to join. The closest one was Milton Keynes Scale Model Club, which was also a branch of the IPMS(UK). After joining the club, I promply joined the IPMS and in 2007, I travelled to the IPMS(UK) Nationals which are held at Telford over the second weekend in November.

Since joining up with Milton Keynes SMC, I moved onto build aircraft and armour models again working in scales ranging from 1/144th up to 1/9th scale covering all three genre of models that I work in. Over the last several years, I have won several awards in competitions held at various shows I attend and have built a few magazine review builds. My collection of un-built kits has grown to, unfortunately to the annoyance of my wife when she saw all of the packed boxes of kit coming down from my workshop prior to us moving at the end of 2014. Hence, I was sternly told no more buying any kits for now!

Now we have moved to a small quiet town in West Yorkshire called Hemsworth, where I have finally moved my workshop out of a converted loft into one of the spare bedrooms in our new house. I have also made the move to join the Barnsley branch of the IPMS that is only a 20 minute drive from our new home. Now I can move onto a new stage of my modelling and build some of the larger models from my stockpile of kits that were not possible to build in my old workshop. Keep checking this website for updates in the gallery of completed builds or follow my blog which has postings of my WIP's and other news.


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