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1953 Ford F100 Custom Pick Up

This one of my long term projects which is on hold for the present time whilst I make some decisions on the suspension and which way to go with it. The base kit is an AMT 53 Ford Pick Up with a flip hood. The kit came with a Chevy V8, which has been removed to make way for a blown Ford 427. A common problem that I am told with this kit, the chassis is usually twisted which was found in this case and was straightened at the start of construction. The flip hood has been reversed so it opens as a one piece on etched hinges mounted at the rear. A torneau cover was made for the pick up body and the plastic floor is to be removed and replaced with a wood and brass floor. The doors on the cab have been made opening and the interior will be custom built when completed.
The suspension was modified and lowered. But I'm not happy with this, so the plan is to buy a set of independent suspension for the front and properly 4 link on the rear.

53pu 53pu 53pu
53pu 53pu  

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