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95 Ford Mustang Cobra R

A discontinued Tamiya kit, I was lucky to finally get one of these. The 95 Mustang Cobra R, was a special limited run of 250 cars ready for use on the race track. These cars came without the luxury extras of air-con, electric windows, stereo, rear seats, etc. The plan is to build this model as close as I can to the 1.1 car. Below the first three photos are from when I did some test fitting of the main body parts after cleaning up any mould lines, of which there was hardly any. The kit comes with an automatic box in the chassis molding. As the car only came with a manual box, this will need to be modified to represent this. So far, the front section has been cut away and is awaiting a new gearbox tunnel to be built. Once this is done, a new section of gearbox will be made and fitted into place.
Update 30/11/2008
The main prep work has been done on the bodyshell and the basecoat has been added. This was paint mixed to order, but the is a pale blue tint to the colour though. This little problem needs to be sorted out before any work can continue on this project.

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