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Republic A10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"

This is an old Academy kit from the 1980's which I picked up at a show one day. The plan is to build it "out of box" in the only colour scheme option in the kit. Work has already started on the model and photo's will be taken soon.
Update 28/12/2008: Work progress really quickly on this build so far. Model is even painted as to instructions, though I did have to mix one colour myself. Started to apply the decals to the model and this is where the problems have started. Due to the age of the kit, the decals have become brittle and the larger ones are breaking up upon application. This has now put the project on hold until I purchase some aftermarket decals fot the model. Until these are brought, I will not know if the model will need to be re-painted or not. Sorry that there is no photos yet, but I have not had a chance to take any yet.
Update 18/01/09: Finished off the decals just to see if they would sit flat and if the film would be hidden with a coat of clear. This did not happen so it will be a re-paint with some new decals for the model. Plan to get some in the next couple of weeks. So here's some photos of what has been done so far.
Update 10/02/09: I brought a new decal sheet for the A10 at the clubs show last week. The only trouble is that the aircraft is in a different colour scheme, so a few alterations will need to be done to the model before I respray it.
Update 30/04/09: The model was resprayed and the new decals were added to finish the project. Now completed with a display stand and figures. Photographs will be taken very soon and a gallery page wilbe created for this model. A second A10 has been brought to built the second aircraft from the decal sheet.

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