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Antonov AN-124 "Ruslan"

Now, this is a different direction for me! I have not built a plane since my late teens except for a Westland Wessex last year for a club contest. This build is part of a club project for the IPMS show at Telford in November. Each year, the Milton Keynes SMC has a themed display on their stand. The theme for 2007 was American Police Cars of which there was about twenty on display. This year the theme is 1/144th scale civilian aircraft of which we had to choose from a selection of kits. I chose this one by Revell, the Antonov AN-124, mainly because it's one of my favourite aircraft and secondly because it's big. I have also got until the end of October in which to get this completed.
This is being built in Heavy Lift's markings with the plane kneeling and both the nose and rear doors open. So far, the cargo area is being built along with the wings, I have this habit not to build a model in the order of the instructions and sometimes this can be a mistake. I have test built the fuselage wings together a couple of times just to get an idea of the actual size of the plane (47.8cm long, 50cm wingspan), and for the scale, it is big. The building and painting from what I have seen so far, is going to be straight forward. The hard part of this build, will be the application of the decals, about 200 separate decals. Below is a photograph of the actual aircraft I'm modelling and some of the test assembly of the plane. I have also took a photo of the Antonov with the Tamiya 1/24th scale mini that I am building. I will update this project soon.
17/3/08: Some new photo's of the AN-124. These include the cargo deck section and parts of the engine construction.
10/7/08: Main fuselage and wings construction and painting done. Preparing to start the long process of applying the few hundred decals to the model.

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an124 an124 an124 an124
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