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F-86D Sabre Dog

This is the first time that I have built an aircraft kit in this scale, so it will be a learning curve for me. The kit is Revell's 1/48th scale F-86D Sabre Dog early version, which I have been informed is a great model when built. The parts are very nice mouldings with only a couple of small pieces of flash found so far. The paint which I am using on this project are mainly from Revell's AquaColor range with some enamels in the odd place. The fuselage will be painted using Alclad's various shades of Aluminium, which will be the first time I have used Alclad in this amount since my Harley.
The cockpit has been completed with a little wear and tear detail added, but I decided to leave the pilot out to show the cockpit detail. The nose section has been weighted three pieces of white metal, this seems to be just the right amount though the instruction state to use 20 grammes, I think I have used a little more then that. The fuselage is now assembled with the cockpit, exhaust, air intake and front gear bay installed. The next stage of the build is to clean up the joints on the fuselage before I fit all of the wings to it.
Update 10/02/09: Work has progress at a good rate on this project. All of the main construction has been done to the model with the fuselage assembled and wings fitted. The Black basecoat has been applied to the model and the Alclad Airframe Aluminium and Stainless Steel have been sprayed. I decided not to use Alclad Steel on the model, as it would be too dark compared to photographs I have seen of the aircraft. Now I am presently applying the decals on the model which is now about 80% done as of last night. I just need to finish off the uper areas of the wings now. Again, Revell seem to not have supplied enough of certain decals on ther sheet. So once the decalling is completed, I will see what is left and see if any are similar to the ones that are short from the sheet.
I noticed that I forgot to spray some Stainless Steel on the rear wings, so once the decals are finished and sealed, I will correct this prior to final assembly and weathering.
Update 14/02/09: The model is now finished and has been weathered for the in service look for display. The only thing left to be done for the model now is the display stand.

F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog
F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog F-86D Sabre Dog
F-86D F-86D F-86D F-86D

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