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M-1 Panther II Mine Detecting & Clearing Tank

I have only ever built a tank in this scale once before and that was many years ago. It was Tamiya's 1/35th scale Centurian Tank which was remote controlled. I even believe that it might still be lying around in a box somewhere in the garage of loft.
This kit is the re-tooled Dragon kit to which I am fitting Eduards etched detailing set. Progress was held up for a little while whilst the detailing set was on order, but I managed to carry out some of the basic construction and start to remove some of the moulded detail ready for the etched parts. I plan to take my time on this project, the target is for it to be finished over the next few months along side some other ongoing projects. Also purchased for this project, was a set of US Army tank crew figures to be added to the display.
Update 10/02/09: The detail set arrived with the figures, so work has continued on this project. Thanks to Eduard for supplying some extra items of certain parts on the etched sheet, there are a few delicate pieces which can break very easily when handling them. Slowly, the Panther is coming together with the new detailing parts being added. But there are some parts (i.e. the video cameras) from the kit that I will use instead of the etched replacement ones.I will take some newer photos soon.
Update 9/05/09: Progress has been steady over the last few weeks after a break to work on other projects for the club competitions. Now that these are over and done for the year, I can concentrate on my main projects. The slowest part of this model (and the most boring) is the assembly of the tracks, all individual links to be cleaned, painted and clipped together. Still cleaning them prior to painting and I've brought two more kits with a simular system! But the majority of my time is spent on the main tank assembly. So far, the grills have been cut out and replaced with the etched ones, latches,handles and hinges replaced, with the etched grills to fill the big hole in the rear of the model fitted too. I also scratch-built a seat for the driver to sit in and positioned it so his head is about the same as the driver in the photo on the box. Dragon should have included items like the driver area detail and the turbine grills, as these are areas of the model that can be displayed opened. I need to try and take some photographs this weekend for the website of this project and the two completed models I have.
Update 18/09/09: A majority of the main construction has been done on the tank, to the stage of giving it a coat of NATO Green. A seat for the driver has been made to take the driver once he has finished being painted, then I'll glue him in place and glue the top half of the hull to the bottom half. Once this is done, I'll finish painting the hull green and start to weather it up with some corrosion marks. There is still a bit to be done on this model, like painting the tracks (not looking forward to that), side covers, rear doors, etc. But the progress is there even with a few months of basically non-modelling. I'm just hoping to get this finished in time for Telford!
Update 30/12/09: Well, Telford has been and gone, the Panther was not completed. Earlier this month, I decided that I must get a crack on with this model, it's coming up to a year since it was started. So I faced up to stage that was halting me, the dreaded tracks. All I can say is this one thing, "I Hated Them!". These links are meant to clip and lock together. Did they? My A##E did they! So I was reduced to glueing sections together and position them on to the Panther, then add a bit more glue. After this was done, I was informed that there are some nice metal aftermarket track sets available for this model, (wait until after I've glued them!). So now it is progressing. The side panels are fitted over the tracks now along with the bracket for the arms at the front. The final bits and pieces are being added prior to the final weathering to the Panther. At Telford, I picked up Tamiya's "US Modern Military Equipment" set to clutter up the upper deck of the tank, some can be seen in the new photos below. The display stand has been started too, seen in the early stages below. This has had some painting done and scenery added since these photos were taken. The plan now, get it finished for ModelKraft at the beginning of Febuary. The main construction work is done now, so it's down to the fiddly detailing jobs left to do.
Update 04/01/10: Okay, more work done and the Panther is nearly finished. Only a few minor bits of detailing left on her to be done and a little more weathering to finish the job. The stand has progressed with some painting, weathering and detailing left to do. The third figure still needs to be finished and painted, along with the naughty dog who will be leaving his mark! Hopefully, it will all be finished this weekend or just after it.

M1 Panther II M1 Panther II M1 Panther II M1 Panther II
M1 Panther II M1 Panther II M1 Panther II M1 Panther II WIP
M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP
M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP
M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP
M1 Panther II WIP M1 Panther II WIP    

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