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Supermarine Seafire Mk1B

I picked this Revell 1/32nd kit up at ModelZone during their sale at the beginning of the year. The kit I belief is about twenty years old, with plenty of flash and cleaning up to do on it. The detail in the moldings is pretty basic too, which lets the kit especially in this scale, but parts such as the rudder, aerolons, elevators and undercarriage are positionable. There are two build options in the kit, but I might build it as an air racer to do something different.
Progress as of 15/02/2010: This is just another quick build project to work on in between other projects, so the detailing will not be as important on this one. A lot of the time has so far been taken up with cleaning the flash from the parts, some minor assembly has been done with some basic painting to the engine and cockpit interior. I have been dry fitting the wings and fuselage together to check what needs to be done to improve the fitting clearance of certain parts. The main wings will need some strengthening done to them, Braces made for the areas aground the fuselage joint and undercarriage mounts. It was noticed that the undercarriage deformed the wings upper surfaces and there is no support on the upper joint to the fuselage. So out will come the plasticard to make the braces. I have also been toying with the idea of modelling the aircraft just after taking off with the gear retracting, but nothing is certain yet.
Update 30/03/2010: Not a nice kit...... Thank God I didn't pay full price on this one. The parts do not fit properly, some don't even match up and the engine detail is, well, not worth displaying it. But I'm slowly sorting these problems out and modifying the aerolons and rudder to make them look better when finished. Photo's to follow soon.

Seafire Mk1B WIP Images Seafire Mk1B WIP Images Seafire Mk1B WIP Images Seafire Mk1B WIP Images Seafire Mk1B WIP Images
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