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As the collection of my completed models increase, I decided to change the listing of the galleries of them for ease. each model is listed below in their appropiate sections with a short description of each one. Just click on to the model's name to be tranfered to that models gallery. As more models are completed, they will be added to the gallery as soon as the photographs have been taken.

Click on the double arrow button for the slideshow to run automatically, or the single arrow buttons to scroll through the photographs manually.

Automotive Models
Tamiya model with Auto Scale Style Nismo body kit and etched brake disc's.
"The Enzo From Hell" Revell's version of Ferrari's supercar.
A Fujimi model of the Evo 8.
The great Tamiya model of the limited edition 95 Ford Mustang Cobra R.
Tamiya's great kit of a legend.
A commission built from the Hasegawa kit for a former modeller.
An Aoshima model built as a Tuner.
A dissappointing kit from Italeri.
A 70's classic, nice kit to build from Fujimi.
Neglected and un-cared, waiting for a new life.
A nice little Honda built for a bit of fun.
Aoshima's nice model, with new rims and a different paint job.
Classic muscle car with added detail.
Horrible kit! End result very pleasing. Built for my Dads birthday present.
A Lindberg kit lowered, detailed and de-trimmed.
One of my favourites, opened and detailed boot area.
One of the Tamiya Mk2 Jaguars with loads of extra detail added.
A lovely model from Revell built straight out of the box.
1/9th scale Harley all re-chromed with Alclad, so much chrome!
A great model from Revell's range of 1/24th scale American Sprint Cars.
Revell's model of the 1949 Mercury Coupe with chopped roof and custom finish. A lovely model from Aoshima with a full engine supplied in the kit.
Jaguar XJ-R8 LM
Coming Soon
An Aoshima Jaguar XJ-R8 LM model built as a privately owned racing car. With all 4x4's they need to go off-road and get all muddy!
The 1/24th scale version of ICM's excellent kits of the Mercedes Benz G4. Built for a SMMI review. ICM's 1/24th scale version of their smaller scale model of the Admiral.
Airfix's old, but good and classic model of Monty's faithful Humber Snipe.    

Aircraft Models
A 1/72nd scale model of the famous helicopter from the Falklands Conflict.
My "Tanks Dropped" display of a F-4N Phantom II jettisoning its external tanks.
One of the largest small scale models available. A challenging build too
A HobbyBoss easy assembly kit.
My first venture into the larger scale aircraft models.
An old Academy kit with TwoBobs decals.
An old Hasegawa kit I picked up and ended up building it for my grandson in a "Black & White" colour scheme.
My first Tamiya aircraft build. This 1/72nd scale model was built OOB and weathered.
A 1/48th scale Eduard "Weekend" kits that was given to me part built.
An Airfix 1/72nd scale model of XH135 after returning from Afghanistan in 2006. Part of the "End Of An Era" diorama.
An old Dragon kit with folding wings option and a carrier deck. A 1/72nd scale Lightning F.6 from Revell as a static display aircraft.
A hasegawa model of the Strike eagle built "OOB" in 1/72nd scale. Airfix's old 1/24th scale kit of the North American P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll".
A 1/72nd scale model of the Tanker version of the A-6 Intruder from Italeri. Airfix's 1/72nd scale model of the BAe Hawk T1 in the RAF's all over Black scheme.
An Academy 1/48th scale model of the F86 Sabre in a scene called "Gone To Lunch". A great model from Eduard of the F6F-3 Hellcat in 1/48th scale built to represent one in active service.
The large Russian MiG-31 Foxhound Interceptor in 1/72nd scale from ICM. Academy's 1/72nd scale kit built out of the box as a quick build.
A great 1/48th scale model from the Academy range of kits. My first 1/32nd scale aircraft of an aircraft from the famous 56th Fighter Group.
E.E. Canberra PR9 XH131
Coming Soon
An Airfix 1/72nd scale model of XH131 after returning from Afghanistan in 2006. Part of the "End Of An Era" diorama
E.E. Canberra PR9 XH134
Coming Soon
An Airfix 1/72nd scale model of XH134 after returning from Afghanistan in 2006. Part of the "End Of An Era" diorama
The old Airfix release of this classic WWII USN aircraft. Airfix's lovely new tooled Lightning kit, a joy to build and have sitting.
Xtrakit's 1/72nd scale model of the Mk.22 Spitfire in No.613 "City of Manchester"Squadron scheme of 1949. Trumpeter's 1/72nd scale model in the markings of XA322/771-Cu from 769 Squadron RNAS CUldrose in 1957.
The captured Bf 109 of Feldwebel Karl Hier which was evaluated by the RAF at Boscombe Down in 1941. The Nightfighter version of the rare Arado Ar240 prototype aircraft.
McDonnell Douglas
F-15C Eagle
Coming Soon
An old Hasegawa kit of the Eagle which was sitting partly built on the shel for two years. Airfix's new tooling of the Mustang in 1/72nd scale, this one being the RAF version.
The reclassified version of the Mustang from the Korean War, built as a preserved example. Airfix 1/72nd scale kit.
Messerschmitt Bf110 D2
Coming Soon
Dragon's great 1/48th scale kit of the Messerschmitt Bf110 D2 "Dackleback".
Grumman F4 Corsair
Coming Soon
Tamiya's motorised version of the 1/48th scale Grummon Corsair, built as part of the "Corsair" diorama I have done.
Grumman F4 Corsair
Coming Soon
Tamiya's non-motorised version of the 1/48th scale Grummon Corsair, built as part of the "Corsair" diorama I have done.
English Electric
Lightning F.I
Coming Soon
Airfix's 1/48th scale kit of the Lightning F.I painted with Alclad paints in the markings of RAF No.56 Sqdn.
Avro Vulcan B2
Coming Soon
Dragon 1/200th scale kit of the Vulcan B2 in Antiflash White paint in the markings of No. 617 Sqdn "Dambusters" displayed in a taking off pose.

Armour and Military Vehicle Models
A 1/72nd scale diorama of a SdkFz9 "Famo" and a Morser 18 Artillery Field Gun.
A 1/48th scale WWII model from HobbyBoss with heavy weathering.
A 1/35th Dragon kit with Eduard etched detailing set, Dragon figures and Tamiya military equipment.
An excellent modelfrom Skybow in 1/35th scale.
Trumpter's 1/72nd scale kit of the British Challenger II Main Battle Tank with a Dozer blade fitted. A 1/35th scale model of a Panzer VI Tiger I no. 131 of the sPzAbt 101 based in Normandy in July 1944.
A humourous diorama of a captured Soviet KV-1 Heavy Tank being re-painted into German colours. A 1/35th scale Bradley from Scalemodel in a scene set at the end of Desert Storm.
Summer on the Eastern Front where the crew of a StuG III Ausf.F are stocking up on ammo. The unusual military vehicle released by Tamiya in 1/35th scale. Built for a SMMI review.
Magazine review build of Mirror Models Diamond T Cargo Truck kit.
Land Rover 7
Coming Soon
The classic Tamiya 1/35th scale kit of the Land Rover Ambulance.

General & Miscilanious Models
Revell model of "The Golden Horseshoe" in 1/125th scale.
Higgin's LCVP
Coming Soon
A great kit from Airfix in 1/72nd scale of the Higgin's Landing Craft widely used during the D Day landings in 1944.




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