A-10 Thunderbolt II Title

Model Details

Academy A-10 Thunderbolt II kit from 1989, 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box" with TwoBobs decals.

Xtracolor, Tamiya and Revell paints.

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A-10 Thunderbolt II
This is an old Academy kit dated from 1989 that I picked up for £2.00 at a show one weekend. So for a few months it sat on the shelf until I felt in the mood to build it. As this was a basic kit, I decided to build it as per the instructions and not add any extra detail to it. Due to the age of the kit initially, it was not up to current day standards of molding and fitting. This resulted in the use of a bit of filler being used during the building of the model on areas where the fit was not right. In general, the build went smoothly and I decided to paint the model using the colourscheme and decals supplied with the kit. This was the start of my problems as there was only "fs" numbers for the paint, so I mixed and matched the colours from my paint stock instead of buying some new paints. The finished paint job was okay and it seemed to match the photographs I found on the internet. So onwards and onto the application decals. As said before, this was an old kit and the decals were brittle when released from the paper. Also the carrier film was very visable and would not hide when cleared, so it was packed away in a box for a while.
After sitting there in its box for a while, I found a new set of
decals for the A-10 at a show one weekend, but the model would need to be resprayed to a new colourscheme. So two tins of the correct colours were purchased and the stripping of the old decals from the model proceeded. The model was resprayed and the decals were added to the plane, then to my delight, I discovered that there was decals for building two models. Cue another A-10 to be purchased for the remaining decals. Once the model was cleared, the missles and bombs were added then a bit of weathering forthe final touch.
I made the base from some MDF which was painted to represent an airfield apron and finished with a bit of scenic scatter. The figures and van are from Hasegawa's USAF Air Crew Set, with the standing and walking figures secured by a pin for removal for transporting.

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