DiamondT 968 Title

Model Details

Mirror Models Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck, 1/35th scale.

Detailing Items:
Mirror Models etched upgrade set.

Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints.

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Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck
This was the first time I have a Mirror Models kit and fair enough, it is not on the same level as the main kit manufacturers, but the detail of the kit really surprised me. Maybe they should improve their location tabs and pins on a majority of the parts, as some were none excistant. But putting that aside, this kit had one of the most detailed engines that I have seen in this scale model.
Constucting the Diamond T was generally okay, some of the instruction sections were not too clear on how some of the parts were meant to go. After some test fitting, I managed to work things out with a few nasty words spoken to the model and its instruction sheets. My process of the Diamond T's construction was to assemble the model in its main sections, the chassis, cargo body cab and wheels seperately. I was also supplied with the etched detail set from Mirror Models for this project, of which I used most of it. This set included an etched cradle for the fuel tank, locker ans steps to sit on, which needs to be soldered together to make it a stronger assembly. I only glued it using superglue which was not strong enough and it kept falling to pieces. So I reverted back to the kits plastic one and modified it to accept the etched steps. Short lengths of wire were bent into the shapes of tie down hooks to be used on the cargo body.
Once they were all assembled, everything was primed before giving the whole model a few coats of Mr Hobby's Olive Drab throughout. Detail painting and decalling was carried out on the engine and cab interior, along with oil stains on the engine and axles. The chassis was finished off with a grime wash over the engine, running gear, suspension, chassis and underside of the bodies before assembling the all of the sections together. The glazing was added to the cabs front and rear screens before fitting the doors windows to their frames. The interior floor was weathered with some worn areas followed by mud that has been treaded in by the driver and passenger. The passenger door was now glued in place in the closed position, with the drivers door and bonnet halves held in the closed positions with blutac to allow for weathering the exterior of the model with the airbrush.
Weathering continued by adding some worn paint areas on the steps and tread plates on the front wheelarches, before moving onto Europeon dry earth pigment over the wheelsand general areas of the truck. To finish the look, I used some of MiGs Mud Paste and slapped it around the wheels, suspension, chassis and underbody. This stuff is great and it comes in fine and coarse, wet or dry look and matching some of the pigment colours.
For now, the Diamond T is finished, but I will most likely carry this model on a bit further by adding a couple of figures, a base and a load in the body. That will be in the future though, at the present time, this looks great and it gets displayed at shows standing on a mirror showing the underside of the model. As for the kit, this was my first experience bulding a Mirror Models kit. They are detailed models once built, but the issue with the lack of decent locaton pins and instructions which are not too clear at times narrows the potential customer band.This is definately for the more experienced model builder, not the novice, but it is still a great model to build putting these aside.
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