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Model Details

Fujimi's F-4N Phantom II "Vigilantes", 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:

Revell's acrylic paints mixed to suit the aircraft.

Letchworth 2008, Bronze in Aircraft category

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F-4N Phantom
This model is an old Fujimi kit dated 1989 which I found at a show one day. Compared to more recent kits, it is a more basic model. This kit does not come supplied with a pilot and co-pilot, or the option to build the model with the undercarriage up. Though this can be done if you add strips of plastic around the inside of the undercarriage opening to support the doors. But what surprised me about this kit, was the option to have the model either with the external fuel tanks, or have them as jettisoned with just the carriers in place.
I decided to build this model mounted to a wooden plinth with the aircraft in flight. And to add a bit more interest to the model, the scene is set to show the plane just seconds after jettisoning its external tanks with them falling away the the underneath.The base of the plinth has a print of an aerial view fixed to it.
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