Gama Goat Title

Model Details

Tamiya M561 Gama Goat, 1/35th scale.

Detailing Items:
Various cast resin load items.

Various paints from Tamiya, Mr Hobby and Revell.

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M561 Gama Goat
I was offered this new kit from Tamiya for a magazine review build before its release in the UK, which I jumped at without any hesitation. As it was a pre-release version, it came in a plain white box and photocopied instruction sheets, plus, I also had to get it built in a month to. Now that was a challange for me based on my normal timespan for building models.
As normal with Tamiya kits, the model assembled up without any troubles at all. Construction started with the truck chassis which had just the right amount of detail on it, by assembling the central splashers and suspension assemblies.Work progressed onto the trailer coupling unit and the rear panel before adding it to the chassis. Next the driving compartment interior, front body panel and fuel tanks were all made up before fixing them all to the chassis along with any other final parts to finish it off. Depending on which version of the kit options you are building, dictates whether you add the winch to the front of the Goat or not. As the version I was building did, I assemble the winch and glued it in place on the front of the model.
The trailer was the next stage of the construction process, as with the tractor unit, started with the assembling of the suspension system to the chassis.This was then added to the trailer floor tubfollowed by the rear panel, sides and front panel assembly.
All of the wheels for the model were assembled and left aside ready for painting later towards the end of the build. These were easily fitted later as they had poly caps inside allowing for them to be fitted and removed from the model.
After primer, everything recieved a few coats of Tamiya's XF-62 Olive Drab before detail painting and adding the decals. The version I was build was from the 3rd Marine Division at Camp Fuji. The model was weathered up using some Mr Hobby's mud colour by brush and airbrush. To finish the model off, I built and painted the figure supplied with the kit, which came out okay as figures are still not my strength at the minute. I also added some cargo to the trailer using various resin crates, bags, cans and tarps. I still need to build a base for the model, mainly to display the articulation of the Gama Goat as it runs off-road, but this is still in the pipeline for now.
This model featured as a review build in February 2014's issue of Scale Military Modelling International magazine.

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