Jaguar XK120 Title

Model Details

Revell Jaguar XK120, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
Sakatsu white metal 6 cylinder distributor, Alclad Chrome, Sakatsu plug wire.

Revell Night Blue.

Southern Expo 2009, Bronze in Car category.

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Jaguar XK120
How can I start this off? For what should be a lovely kit, it surely was not. The tooling for this model dates back to a 1979 Monogram, which is now produced under the Revell and Aoshima brands, and the only part of the the kit updated is the decals for it. The bodyshell had two big mould lines running down the middle of both sides. These took some work with files to level out the raised areas around the mould lines. So, if you buy this kit yourself, be prepared to do a lot of work to clean up this kit.
I had brought this model to build it for my Dad's birthday present, because this is his favourite car and one he would of liked to own. The only extra detail to be added, was to the engine with the addition of a Sakatsu distributor and wiring. All of the chrome plating was stripped and re-done with either Alclad or Plasticote chrome. The chassis moldings had a few mould lines which were easily removed, but there was some areas missing from the rear suspension mounting points. The general chassis and interior construction was straight forward, but with a few minor fitting issues on some parts especially the sides. The bonnet, needed to have work done on the edges to allow it to sit flusher to the body.Thin strips of plasticard was added to some areas whilst other parts had to be filed away.
Whilst building this model, I had a few problems with the clear coats in painting the bodyshell. So I had to strip the bodyshell and re-spray it twice. Due to the problems that I with the clear coat, the finish was not up to my usual requirement. But as the model is to be kept and viewed inside a display case, it would not be noticed that much. Even though the present was a little bit late for his birthday, my Dad was pleased with the model
If I ever buy this model again, at least I will know what to expect and how to improve this kit to make a model that would good to model show standard.
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