F/A18 Hornet Title

Model Details

Hasegawa F/A18 Hornet Prototype. 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:
Out Of Box, custom colour scheme.

Revell and Tamiya.

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Kyran's F/A18 Hornet
This kit was brought for just a couple of pound at a show one day, so it sat in my stock box for a while until I felt like starting it. My original plan was to build it as one of the prototype planes using the kits decals, but when I started to apply them, it was apparent they were too brittle to use and broke up when touched. So the model was packed away in a box until I could decide on what to do with it.
A few months down the line and our eldest grandson has now moved in with us, who has got this facination of planes and I have built a couple of Airfix, Revell and HobbyBoss easy build kits for him which are now hanging from his bedroom ceiling. Then I got thinking about this Hornet and asked if he would like to finish building it with me for the clubs monthly competition which theme was "Black & White". We decided on he wanted it painted and we started to continue with the model, well, he supervised me at times until he got bored. The paint was Tamiya white airbrushed with a couple of coats of Revell's Aquacolor semi-matt black brush painted. This was thinned slightlywith distilled water for a smoother finish on the model.
Some of the original stencil and symbol decals from the kit were still useable, so these were used along with various left over decals from my spares box. These included some decals from the 1/48th scale F86D Sabre Dog that I built earlier in the year. Once we were happy with the look that we came up with, the model was given a couple of coats of Johnson Klear and the final assemble was done.
It is amazing what colour schemes you can create with an old kit that you pick up for a couple of pound. And Kyran is especially proud of his Hornet, even though he leaves me to do the work, but he is still only five and learning all the time. There is a 1/72nd scale Italeri F-4E Phantom II and 1/48th scale F-16 Falcon brought cheaply that we can build together. So watch this space.
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