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ICM Opel Admiral Cabriolet, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
Out Of Box

Tamiya Gloss Blue and Clear, Mr Hobby Aircraft Grey and other various paints.

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Opel Admiral Cabriolet
Recently, ICM have been up scaling some of their 1/35th scale cars to 1/24th scale.This is the second one I have built, the first being the 1935 Mercedes Benz G4. Again, the detail of this kit is very good along with crisp and clean tooling, it promises to build into a great model.With the Mercedes, I did have a few issues when I was building the model, especially on the instruction sheets. But with the Opel, these did not crop up and everything when together okay.
As this was a review build, the only extra detail that I added to the model was the HT leads on the lovely detailed engine. With a bit more time to allow for research, I could have added a lot more detail especially on the chassis, engine and running gear. Building the chassis was a joy, with the detailed frames and suspension units, everything went together with ease and little cleaning up of the parts. The engine to was a nice collection of parts which assembled up into the great straight six block which was also used in the Opel Blitz trucks during the war.The chassis and engine were painted seperately before mating up and adding the final parts to complete whole lower section of the car. This was then finished off with a grime wash and oil stains.
The body like the chassis and engine assembly, fell together like a dream. I left the seats out of the interior to paint them seperately from the rest of the cars interior in the body. A little bit of filling was needed along the fender joints to clean the seams away and improve the final painted finish.The kit supplied four different option to finish the model, three in all over black, the other in blue and grey two tone scheme. After looking online for other colour options for the Admiral, I opted for the blue and grey scheme like on the box art. The body recieved a few coats of Tamiya gloss clear and left to harden for a few days. The underside of the body was painted in matt black and the interior was painted with various shades of grey as seen in photographs I had found online. I finished off the body chrome trim using Bare Metal Foil before detail painting the last parts on the body. All of the final assembly of the model was done to finish her before I added the few decals required on the model.
My final opinion of this model is that it is a welcome addition for 1/24th scale automotive modellers around the world. There is not enough kits of cars in this scale from the 1930's/40's and that ICM should keep releasing there great range of 1/35th scale cars in this larger scale. I just love looking at this model in my wall cabinet alongside the more modern cars in there. It also has the potential to make a great hot rod project to!

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