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Aoshima's Infiniti Q45 HG50 Junction Produce 1/24th Scale

Detailing Items:
Bare Metal Foil, Aoshima's Fabulous Genesis 20" Rims.

Tamiya's Gloss Black and Clear, Alclad Prismatic Sapphire.

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Infiniti Q45 HG50 Junction Produce
The first time I saw this kit on an online store, it just stood out to me. The look of the car with the Junction Produce body kit and in the Black body colour, made me say to myself "I'll have to buy that kit sometime!". So a little while later, an order went into Hobbylink in Japan for one and waited for it to arrive.
After seeing a couple of built examples on a few forums, some in Black and a couple in Red, I decided to make mine slightly different. I had not seen any of the Q45's with different rims on them, they all had the rims that were supplied with the kit. So a quick search around some website's and a purchase of Aoshima's Fabulous Genesis 20" rims was made. With the extra size of the new rims, a few minor modifications were made to the suspension and the rim hubs to allow them to sit under the body correctly. The bodyshell in the kit, is a stock body to which the body kit is glued to it over the original bumpers, etc. Some filing, a bit of filler and sanding was needed to make the body kit fitting look better. I also used some putty and filler around the wheel arches and along the inside of the skirts to improve the look.
My original choice for the body colour was to be Metallic Black, but after spraying a couple of coats of this colour, it did not look right for the car. So after some thinking, I went with using some Alclad Prismatic Sapphire which I had sitting in my paint box. So a couple of coats of Gloss Black then a few coats of the Prismatic Sapphire went over the Black. This was the first time that I have used Alclad's Prismatic lacquers, so it was trial and error for me. I initially thought that the right amount of coats went onto the body, but I now think that I might have too much on. After leaving it to dry overnight, a few coats of clear was sprayed and left for a few days to dry and harden. To finish up the model, Bare Metal Foil was used around the window trim and on the door handles.The windows were tinted with Tamiya's Smoke Clear to UK regulations, with just the rear screen and passenger windows being tinted. A set of personalised plates were printed with my wife's initials being used.
The photographs which I took of the model, does not show the full effect of the Prismatic Sapphire lacquer. The camera did not seem to capture the Prismatic effect under either natural sunlight or artificial lighting. But when you stand looking at the model in decent lighting and start to move to a different position, the changes in the colours are clearly seen.

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