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Aoshima 2007 Nissan R35 GT-R, 1/24th scale

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Out of the box..

Tamiya TS-19 Metallic Blue


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2007 Nissan R35 GT-R
I have a bit of a soft spot for the Nissan GT-R, from the early models up to the current R35 versions, it is something about the legend of this famous badge that came out of Japan. I only thought it was right to have one of the current R35's to sit alongside the earlier GT-R's which I have in my collect. For this, I chose this Aoshima kit over the Tamiya one, as this model has the full engine included with it.
The kit that Aoshima has produced here is a very good kit, as well as the complete engine supplied with it, they have also included working sprung suspension on the model to. I tackled the engine first constructing the main block, etc. and sprayed it with Alclad Aluminium for the metal look. The rest of the engine was detail painted before final assembly of the engine to make it ready to go into the chassis. The chassis was next, area of the GT-R that was assembled. This was a single piece underfloor and chassis which was painted along with all of the suspension parts before constructing the entire chassis and working suspension. When fitting the suspension uprights to the chassis, you put the springs onto the top of them and slot them through a hole in their positions in the chassis, then a plastic clip is slipped onto the top of the upright to stop them from dropping out and loosing the springs. Once the lower assembly of the suspension unit is glued into place, these plastic clips are removed so that the suspension can work.
Once I was happy with the chassis and the suspension worked okay, I started on the interior with painting it and assembling it. The detail on the dashboard is very good and it pays to spend a little time painting these parts to bring them out before adding the decals for the dials and screen. The main colour of the interior was black with some panels having a metal finish and the door handles being chrome plated.
The bodyshell of the car comes in four main parts, the main body, the front and rear bumpers and the bonnet. There is also the upper engine bay which fits to the chassis over the engine once that if fitted and is in the bodycolour to. The model has a boot spoiler which is made up from three parts that were dry fitted onto the boot to make sure that they have dried in the correct position. Once this was dry, a small hole was drilled into the spoiler to fit it to a length of wire for painting. I cleaned up the few mould-lines that were on the bodyshell before fitting the rear bumper to the body then I started priming all of the parts. After a final rub down, everything received a few coats of the Tamiya Metallic Blue
leaving it to dry for a couple of days for it to harden before giving them a few coat of Tamiya clear. Painting carried on with the front grill assembly, side skirts and front and rear skirt on the bumpers. Once all of the detail painting was completed on all of the remaining parts, assembly of the bodyshell was carried out with all of the lights, trim, tailpipes and any decals.
For the final stage of the construction, the engine was fitted into the chassis with the upper engine bay panel glued in place over it. The interior tub was next glued into place on the chassis before the glazing was glued inside the bodyshell and left to dry. The last bit left to do was feed the bonnet hinges through the holes before carefully clipping the bodyshell into position on the chassis, this was best done by locating the rear tabs into their slots first and carefully lift the front bumper over the engine bay to locate onto the front tabs. The kit is supplied with a bonnet stay, but this kept falling off the model whilst on the club stand at shows, so I bent up a piece of brass rod which secures into the hole better and does not keep falling out to allow the bonnet to drop.
Conclusion, this is a good kit and unlike most other R35 GT-R kits which are kerbside, this has the complete engine in it. The overall construction is straight forward with no horrible surprises waiting to jump out of the box to bite you. My plan was to originally paint the wheel rims a darker colour, but opted to stay with the silver finish as it did look okay with the metallic Blue I had sprayed the car. At a later date, I might swap the rims for some aftermarket ones to change the look of the car for a while, then change them back. But that is what is good about the wheel system that Aoshima and Fujimi use of their car kits these days. My final say, a great kit, great to build and worth the extra money for the kit with the full engine in it!

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