Mustang Cobra R Title

Model Details

Tamiya 95 Ford Mustang Cobra R, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
MAD pre-wire distributor, Sakatsu plug wire.

Ford's Crystal White mixed at Halfords.

3rd Place Car Class, Southern Expo 2010.

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1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R
In 1995, Ford's SVT department released the Cobra R version of the Mustang. This was a street legal stripped out race car fitted with a 5.8 litre V8 instead of the 5.0 litre V8. There was only 250 examples of this car made and are one of the models Mustang enthusiasts crave after.
Now to the model. This kit was released by Tamiya in 1995 and is now discontinued. Unlike the convertable version, Tamiya supply this kit with an engine and opening bonnet. As the kit uses the convertables chassis, the gearbox is incorrect as it an auto box where the Cobra R only came with a manual box. Using photos, I scratch-built a new box and fitted in place of the auto one in the chassis after cutting it out. Further detailing work carried out on the underneath of the model includes various brake pipes and fuel lines and hand brake cables. The engine had the distributor replaced with a pre-wired one from Morgan Automotive Design. Various sections of wiring looms with relay boxes, etc were also added to the engine bay. The under detail to the bonnet was replicated using photographs I was used for my research of the model. The bonnet stay was also made using some steel wire shaped the best I could from the photos, with the catches on the cross panel added too.
The interior is as the instructions, but with a few alterations. First, I added the seat tilting mechanism covers to the seats, then the headrests were cut off. I then used some filler to reshape the seat tops and the headrest bottoms, then remounted the headrests on wire and re-fitted the back on the seats. As the Cobra R is not fitted with rear seats, there is just the opening to the boot area. So I used some plasticard to make a false floor in the boot area, like I had seen in the photos.
The car only came in Crystal White, so I got the paint code and went to my local Halfords and had some mixed up. This was decanned and airbrushed onto the model. Tamiya clear out of the aerosol was used to finish of the model then the window surrounds were painted using Revell's semi-gloss black from their Aquacolor range. Due to the age of the kit, the decals were very delicate and disintigrated when there were soaked in water. So there are a couple missing from the enginebay for the time being. These will be done when I scan the decals from the second Cobra R kit I've got and print them some decal sheet. The bonnet also needs to be re-sprayed after a little mishap during final assembly, then the bonnet catch details will be added once this is done.
The second Cobra R kit will be built as a track car, I have got some photo's of some that are used for racing.