Chevrolet Blazer Title

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AMT 1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS, 1/25th scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box".

Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Revell paints.

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1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS
How do you upset a fellow modeller? Take a clean finish model and cover it with mud.
That is what happened with this project, my friend Richard saw the finished model all nice and clean said that it looked really nice. Then I decided to cover it with mud just as if it had been off road down mud tracks. The look on his face when he saw the muudy model was funny.
The kit was your usual assembly as you find with kits produced by AMT, Monogram and Revell US, a little cleaning of mould lines, flash and joints. Construction started with the engine, moving onto the chassis and merging them together after painting.The interior was next building the dashboard and seats, followed by the interior tub consisting of the floor and two side sections.These were primed up and then painted in the colours to match the manufacturers spec.These were then assembled and left aside ready to go into the body once that was finished. The bodyshell was cleaned of any mould lines before adding the bulkhead in the engine bay and rear bumper. Remaining parts for the body like the bonnet and front bumper were cleaned up and test fitted to see that there was no problems with them. All remaining exterior parts were cleaned up and everything recieved a coat of primer.The parts which were to be in body colour were all sprayed direct from the rattlecan followed by a couple of coats of clear, then left aside to dry. The remaining parts were now painted in the colours required as of the instructions, and the glazing also had the black borders to. To finish the bodyshell off, the rubber trim was painted black along with the radiator mounting panel.
Once all of the detail painting was finished, I started to assemble the body to the stage of adding the interior and mounting it on the chassis. After leaving the glazing to dry overnight, the interior was glued in place and the whole body assembly was glued onto the chassis. Once these was dry and secure, the front bumper and grills were added followed by all of the light lenses. The body was finished off by adding the roof bars, spare wheel rack, final engine bay items and front grill guard.
After taking a good look at the finished model, I thought it was too clean for a 4X4 and something needed to be done about it. So I made up my mud mixture, the same used on my Stratos and Sherman models, and slapped it on around the chassis and lower body. Then to finish off the effect, I first used a brush to add splashes and finished by blowing over the model with the airbrush. The end result was a muddy model that upset my mate!
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