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Revell (Germany) Chevrolet Corvette C6, 1/25th scale. Discontinued

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box"

Halfords Rover Carribean Blue Pearlescent, Zero Paint 2K Clear, Alclad's Steel, Aluminium and Polished Aluminium.

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Chevrolet Corvette C6
I picked this kit up at the IPMS(UK) National at Telford last year after it caught my eye on a stand. I had seen plenty of the C5 and earlier Corvette's built on club stands, but not many C6 Corvette's. The general construction of this model is very good, with no major problems during the build (unlike Revell's Enzo!). There was minimal mold-lines and flash on the parts, which was very pleasing for a Revell kit.
Construction was as to the instructions, but I did change a the colour of a couple of items on the model. Alclad Aluminium was used on the engine, torque tube, gearbox and suspension. But on the inlet manifolds, I used Alclad's Polished Aluminium instead of Matt Black. The engine and chassis were all assembled once the painting was finished with some slight weathering done to the suspension and underside of the chassis. This kit does not have steering wheels on the model, which I think is a shame as it would be nice to pose the front wheels, but the compitant modeller could convert them if they wanted to. The interior colours were changed slightly to my own taste, it looked right for the planned exterior colour that was to be used. On the areas of leather, i.e. seats, door panels, dash and centre consel, a satin clear was used over the matt paint for the leather effect. When dry, this was all assembled and fitted to the chassis ready for the bodyshell to finish the model.
The bodyshell of the C6 is a very nice molding with minimal molding lines to be cleaned up. After a few dry fittings to the chassis, the body was primed with Tamiya's Grey Primer then first a few light coats via airbrush of the Carribean Blue then a final coat straight out of the can. The colour came out darker then displayed on the can, but I think this looks better and just right for the Corvette. Once the paint had hardened over a few days, I gave it a couple of coats of Zero Paint 2K Clear. This was the first time I have used this stuff and was very very pleased with the result. There was minimal orange peel and before polishing, the finish was already had a nice shine to it. This is the stuff
I'm going to use on my cars in future when they need a polished finish to them. Anyhow, back to the model in hand. After it hand been left for a couple of days to harden then polished. Any detail painting was finished and the remaining parts were added to the body prior to final assembly. A couple of final touches of peronalised plates and tax disc were added.
My final words on this model. Why oh why did Revell Germany stop producing this kit? It a wonderful model that was only available for about a year or two, it's one of their best car kits in my opinion. If you want one of these models, look on EBay or on any traders stands at a model show near you. But this kit is still on release via Revell/Monogram in the USA, so you can always get one from there. If I see another one of these at a show, I'll get it without a second thought, I liked it that much.

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