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Trumpeter Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1/4, 1/72nd scale.

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Out of box

Xtracrylix, Tamiya and Mr Hobby.

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Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1/4 XA322
One of my childhood memories was my father building a model of a Gannet in grey and light blue. This memory for some reason has always stuck in my mind, even though I was under ten yeas old at the time. Jump forwards thirty odd years, I decided to try and recreate with a model of my own, hence two Gannet kits sitting in my stockpile.
The model that my father built back then, was properly an old Frog kit.The two in my stockpile are Trumpeter AS.Mk.1/4 kits, which have basic cockpit detail, but a much better kit overall compared to the old Frog kit. This project was to be build straight out of the box in one of the British Royal Navy schemes supplied in the kit. Construction started with the two cockpit sections which after painting, were glued in position in one of the fuselage halves, front undercarriage bay and main wing struts. I added some nose weight below and in front of the main cockpit section before joining the second half of the fuselage. Once the joints were cleaned up, the remainder of the fuselage was assembled leaving off the exhausts and arrester hook. After masking up the cockpit canopy sections, they were all glued on position and left to dry overnight. All of the wings were now assembled and glued into their positions on the fuselage, minus the flaps and lights on the main wings. Remaining items like the undercarriage, flaps, bay doors and propellers were all assembled ready for painting.
After giving everything a couple of coats of white primer, the lower half and underside of the wings all received a couple coats of Sky. The undercarriage bay doors and flaps were also sprayed at the same time to save me from mixing up another batch of Sky to paint them. After leaving them all to dry overnight, the fuselage, wings and flaps were all masked up ready for the Dark Sea Grey to be sprayed on the upper surfaces of the model. As soon as the model was dry, it was de masked and given a couple coats of gloss clear before adding the decals. Once the decals had been left to dry overnight, they were sealed with a coat of matt clear. I now went over some of the main panel lines on the model to weather them, before detail painting started on the undercarriage bays, gear, doors, flap actuators, exhausts and propellers
Final assembly now started on the model fitting all of the undercarriage, flaps and propellers Final weathering was now done, especially around the exhausts. Paints, washes and powders were used for the weathering process, via hand brush and airbrush, depending on the effect I was after.To finish the model off, I added the aerial wire between the cockpit and tail using invisible thread glued in place.
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