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Airfix BAe Hawk T1 Mk5, 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box".

Xtracrylix, Mr Hobby and Revell paints.

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BAe Hawk T1
This kit was brought for December 2011 club competition which was to be a 1/72nd or 1/76th scale kit for under £10 from the Airfix range. My initial kit was the Grumman Helldiver, but there was some parts missing from the kit so the Hawk was purchased to replace the Helldiver.
This model is Airfix's new tooling of the Hawk and the construction of this kit passed without any problems. The cockpit interior is basic with decals for the various instrument panels and the usual ejector seats and control sticks. Once the interior was assembled and painted, it was glued in position to one of the fuselage halves then some nose weight was added to both halves. The fuselage fitted together cleanly leaving minimal joint lines to be dealt with, just a little around the tail area and that was it. Construction continued with the wings being assembled and fitted to the fuselage, followed with any joints cleaned up. The undercarriage doors were left off at this stage for painting to be done before fitting to the wings. The gun pod that is mounted underneath was assembled, cleaned up and glue in position under the fuselage.
After the cockpit interior was masked off, the fuselage and remaining parts such as undercarriage gear and doors, and missiles received a couple of coats of white primer. A few little marks were shown up and these were dealt with then followed by another coat of primer. The undercarriage bays and inside surfaces of the doors along with landing gear all received a couple of coats of Light Grey as to the instructions. Further masking was carried out to protect these areas before a few coats of RAF Night Black over the whole fuselage and doors. The cockpit canopy was masked up to and this received a couple of coats of Grey followed the Black. When the black was dry hardened, a coat of gloss clear was done all over ready for the decals to be added. Decals were added over a couple of days then once finished, another coat of clear was added to seal them.
Any remaining detail painting was done to items like the undercarriage, missiles, etc. and the process of final assembly was carried out to produce the end result seen above. Airfix have produced a very good kit in this Hawk model and when built up straight out of the box, it makes a very pleasing model to display on your shelves. Aftermarket items will add extra detail to this model if you want, but the size of the finished model in a way does not warrant the extra outlay, unless that is want you want. I have three more Hawks left to build in my stockpile, another 1/72nd Airfix kit but boxed as the Airframes limited edition kit. The other two are an Airfix 1/48th scale Red Arrows kit and the Revell 1/32nd Red Arrows kit, but this one will not be built as a Red Arrow.
My conclussion of this kit! It is a great model to build and the actual size of the finished model being fairly small, it is ideal for someone who lacks display space. But with all of the different Air Forces around the world that use the Hawk, you could end up having a large collection of Hawks.