Jaguar XJS Title

Model Details

Hasegawa Jaguar XJ-S Cabriolet, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
Sakatsu plug wire, Bare Metal Foil, Alclad.

Jaguar's Arctic Blue mixed at Halfords.

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Jaguar XJS Cabriolet
Earlier this year, the club secutary asked if I could build a couple of Jaguar models for someone who had to give up modelling through ill health. These were the Jaguar XJ-R8-LM from Hasegawa and the XJ-S Cabriolet that you see here.
The XJ-S kit produces a nice model, which can be nicely detailed up especially in the engine area. I only added the HT leads to this model, all in the correct firing order, but as this kit only has the single coil on it where some V12 Jaguars have twin coils fitted. Paul, the person who I was building it for, wanted the car to be in the same colour as his own XJ-S, Arctic Blue. The only difference is that his car is a hard top, not a cabriolet.
The model was built OOB, with a couple of modifications to allow the front and rear bumpers to mount properly. I tried to reproduce the Magnolia interior on the model and also create the wood veneer panels on the dash.I gave the seat a coat of semi gloss clear for the leather look, with a little worn effect added. the chrome trim around the windows, rear lights and on the bumpers was done using BMF. But the front headlights were re-chromed using Alclad. The roof panels have not been fixed into position and the same with the soft-top. These are secured in place by using a small piece of Blutac, so they can be changed to suit your mood for displaying.
I enjoyed building this kit so much, that I managed to pick up the TWR racing kit for myself. This will be done at a later date and is in my ever growing pile of kits.
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