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Italeri Grumman KA-6D Intruder Tanker, 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box" with Neomega resin seats.

Xtracrylix, Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints.

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Grumman KA-6D Intruder Tanker
This nice kit from Italeri produces a great looking and detailed model once it has been built. The kit comes with the choice of two schemes , one with airbrakes and the other without, plus the option to have the main wings in the down position or in the folded position. Construction of this aircraft was straight forward without any issues or problems in the models assembly. In the cockpit area, I decided to swap the kits ejector seats which were basic and lacked detail, for a couple of resin ones from Neomega. A little bit of trimming was required to get them to fit into the seat positions in the cockpit and these were to be fitted in the later stage of the build. The fuselage was assembled up to the point where the inner wing sections were fitted and the folding sections were assembled but left off the model. The wing pylons were also fitted to the model, but the external tanks were left off to make painting and adding decals easier. The version which I decided to build, has the airbrakes fitted to the aircraft. These brakes also have holes in the doors which is represented in the kit by recessed dips in the panels.I drilled these holes out prior to fitting them to the fuselage in the closed position.
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Once all of the main construction was done, the cockpit opening was masked off and the fuselage and wings all received a couple of coats of white primer. Any gaps and variations in the joints on the fuselage and wings were cleaned up and rectified before giving the model a final coat of primer. Whilst these were left aside to dry properly, the external fuel tanks and undercarriage assembles were all built up followed by a couple of coats of primer. The lower half of the fuselage and wings were given a couple of coats of white paint and once it had dried properly, the required areas to be left white were masked off. The remaining fuselage was now giveen a few coats of Gull Grey and put side to dry before removing the masking. The cockpit canopy glazing was also masked up and was painted with the refueling probe in the same Gull Grey as the fuselage. whilst these were all drying, the external fuel tanks and undercarriage gear had a couple of coats of white to match the underside of the fuselage. Once I was happy with the finish of the paint job, everything had a couple coats of gloss clear to give the decals a better surface to adhere to. The markings that I used for this model are aircraft NK 522 fro VA-95 in 1991, option A from the kits decal sheet. Once all the decals were added, they got sealed with some more clear then final assembly and weathering was carried out to finish the model. I built the model with the wings folded, as it was an option in the kit and due to the size of the aircraft even in this scale, it would take up less display space.

In all, Italeri produced a nice model here, as most other Intruder kits on the market are the normal bomber version, building the tanker version was different and has had some good responces which it has been on the club stand at various shows. I also do have the standard bomber version in my stockpile, which would be a nice addition on the shelf next to this one.