Lancia Stratos Title

Model Details

Italeri Lancia Stratos African Safari Rally, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box" with mud and weathering added.

Mixture of Tamiya and Revell paints. Halfords white plastic primer and matt black.

1st Place Car Class, Southern Expo 2010.
IPMS Nationals 2010, Gold 1/29th up to 1/21st scale Civilian Vehicles SK

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Lancia Stratos Rally Car "African Safari"
This model came around through the club which I am a member of monthly competition, of which the theme for this month was "Africa". After a trip to my local model shop, I opted for this kit from Italeri to enter in that months contest.
When I first brought the kit, I thought that it would be a nice one with engine detail, etc., but this was not to be. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the kit once the contents were examined. For the price of the kit, I would have expected for Italeri to supply a detailed engine, cockpit and suspension. But what you get is a model with basic interior, no engine, only a one piece molding of the top detail with the sub frame and very basic suspension. Even the molding of the bodyshell was not consistent with body lines not matching and the front valance different from one side to the other. In my opinion, this kit should be at half the price as the assemble and quality is obviously aimed at the junior market. Now I have had my "Victor Meldrew" moment, lets get back to this model.
As mentioned in my earlier rant, I was not pleased with this kit, so I needed to do my best with what I was supplied with. So it was decided to build this model straight out of the box and correct the visable mistakes on the body shell. These alterations are as follows, first the recesses where the front indicators sit did not match and needed some filler added. Second, the bodylines between the main body and the rear section (engine cover) were not even close. This required some scrap plastic and filler to correct. Once these were done, I turned my attention to filling the many sink marks and cleaning the mold lines.
After all of the prepwork had been done, I primered the body shell then gave it a few coats of tamiya Gloss White, thinned down and airbrushed. I used Halfords Matt Black straight out of the rattle can on the chassis, just to save some time and it did the job okay. Everything else was painted using Tamiya and Revell paints. The general assembly of the model was straight forward and without any problems. Once the main bulk of the car was built, I applied the decals and then gave it a couple of coats of Johnsons "Klear" to seal them. All of the final items such as the mirrors, spare wheel, lights and front bars, etc. were then added to finish the construction.
Looking at the finished model, I thought to myself that it was too clean. So off to search the internet for some photographs of the Lancia rally cars to see how they looked after completing some stages. First, I mixed some scenic scatter in with some earth colour paint and placed various size chunks over the body, i.e. behind the wheels, the front,on the spare wheel and roof, up the rear. after being left to dry overnight, I then masked the wiper sweep on the windscreen and then airbrushed the same colour earth paint over the car. The end result is what can be seen in the above photographs.