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Airfix E.E. Lightning F.2, 1/72nd scale.

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Out Of Box

Humbrol, Revell, Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Xtrcrylix.

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English Electric Lightning F.2
Through life there will be aircrafts that you have a love for, for me there are several of which one is the English Electric Lightning. So over the last few years I have built up a collectiong of Lightning kits to build and this is the second one I have assembled so far. This kit is the new tooling from Airfix and is a wonderful model to build resulting in a great addition on the display shelf.
Nothing extra was done with the kit during the build, it was straight out of the box. The detail of the kit was good enough to allow it to be build this way, but if I wanted to, I could have got either some resin or etched aftermarket detailing set for it. The general construction was straight forward, starting with the cockpit (pilot seat left out at this stage), air intake and exhausts fitting inside a fuselage half before adding the other half of the fuselage. But the intake insert did push the fuselage apart at this point, so a bit of filing and sanding was needed to improve the fit and close up the joint. Before you glue the fuselage together, may sure you add enough noseweigh to the model. I add a little extra then what is said in the instructions, as it may not be enough (refer to Canberra's). The main wings came in two halves which you need to drill a couple of holes in if you plan to use the overwing fueltanks and the re-fueling probe. I opted not to use any of these on my model, but I may add the probe at a later date if I feel like adding it. Once the tail planes were glued in place and missile pylons added, the cockpit opening was masked up and the model was primed.
First, I planned to use Alclad on the underside of the model for the metal finish. But in the end I went with a normal silver from my stock of paint and then used Xtracrylix RAF Green for the rest of the fuselage. After giving the model a coat of gloss clear, the decals were laid down then seal with another coat of gloss. I next went on=ver the panel lines with some washes and then finished off with a coat of matt clear. Final detail painting was done on the fuselage and remaining parts to go on the model before final assemble started. Once the final assemble was done, some final washes and weathering was done around the model to finish her off.
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