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HobbyBoss M4A3 Sherman Tank WWII, 1/48th scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box".

Tamiya and Revell paints.

If you have any comments or questions on this model or any others, or about the website, please visit my Guestbook Page.

If you have any comments or questions on this model or any others, or about the website, please visit my Guestbook Page.

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M4A3 Sherman Tank WWII
I saw this HobbyBoss kit along with another Sherman from the Korean war and liked the look of them, plus the price of the kits were good for the scale, so I brought both of them. After a slump in my modelling for a few months whilst we had to sort out some family stuff, this was an ideal model to get myself back into the swing of things. My initial opinion of the kit was good, not much cleaning of mold lines and flash. The molding detail on the parts were very clear and crisp, with etched detailing items like light guards and rear light lenses included and rubber one piece tracks.. Included in the kit was a selection of tools for the tank, with extra items such as backpacks, crates and drums too.
The construction of the model is straight forward and ideal for beginners and the least experienced modeller. Minimal filling was required on the model, just a little on the turret and the hull. I assembled the hull and turret to the stage minus the 50.cal gun and tools, which were to be painted seperately and added later. The model was then given a couple of coats Tamiya's Khaki Green which was airbrushed. The tracks were first airbrushed with gunmetal then a rust colour. And when dry I then drybrushed the track treads with some steel colour for wear areas.Then I added the decals and gave them a coat of clear to protect them from the later weathering. The tools and 50.cal gun were added prior to the weathering of the model.
First I did a bit of rust weathering on the model around the turret hatches, lower hull and running gear for age. I wanted to create the effect that the tank had been driven through a muddy field after there had been a rainy period. So I mixed up my mud mixture of scenic scatter and earth coloured paint, then placed lumps of it in the obvious areas that it would get thrown and built up whilst the tank was travelling. When this was dry, I airbrushed the effect of spray thrown up from travelling at speed using the same earth colour as the mud. Then to finish off the look, I did a little darker weathering using the washes I mix for airbrushing.
This is not finished yet, I want to add some clutter on the tank and build a base for it, but I need to finish some older projects and a couple of commissions before this gets completed. This page will updated as and when it happens.
Update 08/03/2011: The base has finally been built and I have got around to doing a photography session on my latest completed models. The base was made from MDF with foamboard to form the terrain then covered with ready mixed repair plaster. The footpath was made from embosed plastic sheet and the road surface is sand glued down. Everything was painted to the required colours then scenic scatter was used for the grass. The fencing and barrow are model railway scenery items and the timbers are balsa wood.
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