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Airfix "Monty's Humber", 1/32nd scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box".

Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Revell paints..

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Monty's Humber Snipe
During WWII, Field Marshall Montgomery used a Humber Snipe which he called "Old Faithful" during the Western Desert campaign and on through Italy and Sicily. After he handed it over to another officer, he received a second car of which this model is based on. The kit has been on Airfix's books for a long while now, but even with the age of the tooling, it has survived well and still produces a great model.
Construction of the kit is basic and straight forward, starting with adding the suspension and engine detail to the chassis. Next the seats are to be fitted to the body floor, but I left these off for painting and to be added after the body was complete. The body shell comes in two halves which join together and have door panels, boot lid, dashboard and bulkhead added. Remaining items such as the radiator, running boards, bumpers, lights, etc were glued in place after the body was mounted to the chassis. Final parts like the wheels, folded soft top and windows were built and then everything was ready for painting.
After everything had received a coat of primer, the whole body and wheels were all painted in dark green. The tyres were finished off in tyre black before fitting them to the model. The folded soft top was painted dark brown before fitting it to the rear of the body. The seats, windscreen and passenger screen were all painted in the required colours and then all glued into their positions inside the car. Final detail painting included the door handles, mirrors and other various parts got painted before the extrior was finished off with the decals. The model now looked too clean for a military vehicle, so I got my usual paints I use for weather and set about toning down the model.
Airfix supply two figures with this kit, but the quality of them is not as good as the Humber. After assembling them, I took a good look at them to see if I could improve them before painting. But this would have taken too much work to do and beyond my skills of working with figures.So I decided to leave them out of the model, as I thought they would have spoilt the final look of the finished model. Overall, this is a nice model, the only downside is the figure and the scale. If it was in 1/35th scale, replacement figures of Monty are available and the car could be used along side other military vehiles in a diorama.
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