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Model Details

Revell's Ferrari Enzo, 1/24th Scale.

Detailing Items:
Built "Out Of Box" with carbon fibre decal used on the models interior and exterior.

Tamiya's TS40 Metallic Black and Tamiya's Pearl Clear. Various Revell Aquacolor paints and Alclad Steel used on the wheels.

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Ferrari Enzo "The Enzo from hell"
Have you ever had one of those kits that make the build you wish you never started?
Well, this is one of those models which gave me some fun and games during the project, right till the end of the build it kept fighting me. Fair enough, it's the Revell kit, so you'll expect it not to be as good as the Tamiya kit and as usual with some of Revells kits, this one had the usual problems. The list of is as follows; Gaps in the joints, especially on the underneath of the engine. Ill fitting parts. Slight twist in the chassis. The bodyshell not fitting the chassis properly and the bonnet being wider then the main bodyshell. The latter is problem is also found on the Tamiya kit I've been told. But my biggest headache was having to strip the bodyshell after the clear coat went funny, having to re-spray the whole thing again. Luckily, I had another tin if the Metallic Black left in my stock.
So enough about this kits problems and onto the finished model. After all of the cursing and swearing, then almost turning the Enzo into an aircraft, the end result once finished produced a pleasent model. I built this model straight out of the box, mind you I changed the colour schemes on it and added some carbon fibre to a few areas. If a bit more time was spent on getting the bodyshell to fit the chassis and adding extra detail to the engine bay and interior, I could have built a model to go on the competition tables. But this was a quick fun build for me to do and was not to be a serious project. But when the Enzo was displayed at its first show on the club stand, it received a fair bit of attention and was mistaken for the Tamiya kit by a few people.
The Metallic Black colour it was sprayed with does make it stand out, so I was pleased that I went with it and not a normal Black as originally planned. The colour was also commented on at the show with the steel coloured wheels.
Did I enjoy this build? No! Am I happy with the end result? Yes. What I ended up with surprized me and it shows that the kit might have it's many faults and problems. You can still produce a great looking model to go on your shelf or in your cabinet. I just hope the Revell Corvette C6 I'm now building does the same.