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Revell(US) Sammy Swindell's #1 Channellock Sprint Car, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box".

Humbrol, Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Revell paints.

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Sammy Swindell's #1 Channellock Sprint Car
At the Automodellismo Show in 2011, I came across this kit along with a few others of the same type on a stand. After a little chat (arm twisting) with a couple of other club members, we brought ourselves one of these kits each as a little fun mini club project. The plan is to build a base looking like a clay track that these cars race on in the States to display them on at shows. So the challenge began.
The kit has a few mould lines on most of the parts, along with ejection pin marks which some are bad and in view, the roof spoiler being especially bad. There is quite a few parts which are chrome plated in the kit, though on the real car, this would not be because of weight issue. The roof and bonnet spoilers in real life would be made from aluminium sheet and not chrome plated as in the kit. so all chrome plating was stripped except for the wheels and certain parts were sprayed with various Alclad finishes, whilst others were just painted. The chassis and roll-cage assembly was made up and was then sprayed in Gloss Red paint. The engine was built up to the main block assembly, cylinder heads, etc and then painted. once this was done, the smaller engine items were painted and then added to the main engine assembly.
The fuel cell and body panels were cleaned up and any flaws on the mouldings were corrected prior to priming. The roof and bonnet spoilers which were now sprayed with Alclad Polished Aluminium and Alclad Clear, were masked up and the end panels outer faces were sprayed in primer. These along with the body panels,
were then sprayed with a Gloss Blue that matched the colour in the photographs of the actual car. On the roof spoiler, there is a Red stripe that runs along the bottom of the end panels. This comes as decals, but as they were being added to the panels, they broke up into small pieces as they slide onto the spoiler, so the panel was masked off and the stripe was sprayed with Gloss Red paint.
Once all the individual sections of the model were painted and all the decals were added to these parts, the model was assembled up to the point of adding the roof spoiler, steering wheel and side panels. The driver figure was assembled, painted and had the decals added to it, then once it was dried, the figure was positioned in the seat inside the car. A little juggling around was done to seat him whilst holding the steering wheel after some trimming was done to the buttocks and hips. When I was satified with the position and he was glued in it, the side panels and roof spoiler were then glued in place and left to dry over night.
The base was simple to build. I started with a sheet of routered MDF and added a concrete wall made from some thick plastic sheet. This had a few gouges from car impacts added before being glued to the base. The clay track surface is simply car body filler spread across the base to look like a banked track. When this was dry, it was sanded to a fairly flat finish but with some bumps and holes it. The track usually get flattened by a tractor pulling a big heavy roller behind it, so the surface will not be perfect. The concrete wall was painted with Matt White paint with marks added using various colours. The clay surface was painted using a few shades of Brown with the final colour used to weather the model.

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