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Academy SR-71A Black Bird, 1/72nd scale.

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box"

Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Revell paints.

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Lockheed SR-71A
I first built a model of the SR-71 Black Bird when I was a teenager, but this model disappeared long ago. Since getting back into modelling, I promised myself that I would build another one some day and I did.
This model is the re-released Academy kit in 1/72nd scale of the SR-71A version. The kit is basic with no fancy detailing to fuss over when building, meaning this can be a quick build as I did with this one (just over 2 weeks). After painting and assembling the cockpit interior, it was fitted in to position between the two fuselage halves. Because the lower fuselage section sits inside the upper section, join lines are down to a minimum saving time not having to sorting them out. Construction continued with adding the nose and tail sections, both vertical stabilisers and the engine exhausts. After masking the cockpit canopy windows, they were glued in position and the main structure was ready for primer and painting.
The remaining parts for the undercarriage were prepared and everything received a couple of coats primer then left to dry overnight. Even though the SR-71 is called the Black Bird, it was not painted Black but a very dark Blue which looked Black. After going through all of my paint stock, I chose to use Revell's Aquacolor Tar Black which seemed to be the closest to the photographs I had of the aircraft. A few coats of this was followed by a couple coats of Xtracrylix Gloss Clear before the decals were added to the model. The decals are not that great in quality and I should have got hold of some aftermarket ones to replace the kit ones, but time was of the essence in this build. The Red warning bands between the engines and fuselage were shaped in the wrong directions to the rear of the fuselage. So these were cut just before they started to curve and I then swapped the two sides over. The model was given a couple of coats of Matt Clear, de-masked followed by final painting and assembly.
Result, a SR71 Black Bird back on my shelf again!

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