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Tamiya's Paner VI Tiger I Mid. Prod, 1/35th scale.

Detailing Items:
Eduard's etched Zimmiret .

Tamiya's XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-61 Dark Green and XF-64 Red Brown. Also other various paints.

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Panzer VI Tiger I mid. prod. No.131
I had brought this kit second hand, complete with etched Zimmiret and a turned aluminium gun barrel. The hull had been started up to the stage of the main structure and some Zimmiret being applied. So after it had been sitting in my stockpile for about 18 months, I decided to complete it for a quick build. I decided that the turned aluminium barrel would be put to better use on one of my other Tiger tanks I have waiting to be started, so the kit barrel was to be used instead.
The first thing I had noticed, was that the etched Zimmiret was for the AFV Tiger I, not the Tamiya kit. So a little modification was needed on some of the parts to make them fit the model and where the etch missed areas of the model, I filled in these parts with some Green Putty and replicated the Zimmiret pattern. The general construction of this model went together very smoothly, even with the etched Zimmiret and the alterations made for it to fit. I built everything including assembling the road wheels, idler and drive sprocket, but did not fit them to the suspension. I prefer to leave these parts off to ease the painting of them and the same is done with the tools, cables and other items that fit onto the hull. After giving everything a coat of primer followed by a couple of coats of the Tamiya Dark Yellow all over, the tyres were painted on the road wheels and then the camouflage was done on the hull and turret. The exposed faces of the road wheels, idler and drive sprockets also received some camouflage too. Luckily, I had found a photograph online of this actual tank, number 131 of the sPzAbt 101 posted in Normandy in July 1940. So I used this photograph as a guide for the camouflage and weathering on the model
Once the main painting was done, the wheels and sprockets were fitted to the hull then the tracks were painted with steel paint on their sprues then assembled in sections and looped around the wheels whilst the glue was still soft. After leaving overnight to dry, the decals were added then given a coat of matt varnish. The tools, cables, spare track links and machine gun were fitted to the hull and turret leaving the final job of weathering the model. This was done using Carrs weathering powders, earth coloured paints and my own paint mix of dirt and mud.
The last part for the Tiger was the commander. He went together nice and easy with only minor filling around the joints. The only thing I did was to stand the figure in the turret hatch to get the position of the arms when fitting them to the torso. Painting was as to the instructions and he was then glued into postion in the hatch.
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