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Revell's German Submarine U-99, 1/125th scale.

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Revell Aquacolor paints as per instructions. Halfords plastic Grey primer. Johnsons Klear mixed with Tamiya Base Coat.

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German U-Boat U-99 " The Golden Horseshoe"
Lets start with a little history about U-99. She was a Type VII B which was launched in the spring of 1940 and was commanded by Otto Kretschmer, one of Germany's three U-Boat "Aces". She gained the name "The Golden Horseshoe" from the two gilded horseshoes mount on either side of the conning tower. During her short time in active service, she had sunk a high tonnage of Allied shipping in the Atlantic until being sunk by a British Destroyer southeast of Iceland. Kapitanleutnant Otto Kretschner and the surviving crew spent the remainder of the war in a British POW camp.
Now to the model. This kit was given to me be by my friend and fellow club member Richard Thomas and was ideal for one of the clubs monthly competitions, "maritime". The kit is basic, no interior details and basic exterior fittings on it. Construction was straight forward, but believing this is an old kit dated from 1976, this was shown in the parts alignment in the hull and deck sections. Lets just say, there was a little bit of filling required around the rear torpedo tube inside and out of the hull. A couple of braces were also fitted along the hull just below the deck level to hold the hull at the correct width prior to the fitting of the two deck sections. Once the glue on the hull and deck had dried, more filling, sanding and filing was needed to get a reasonable finish and alignment. The same was required for the conning tower, filling and sanding along the joints. On the more delicate parts like the guardrails, guns, etc. a fair bit of flash had to be removed and ejection marks either filled or sanded away. Once the final assembly was done, any remaining gaps were filled and sanded prior to a couple of coats of grey primer.
Painting U-99 was one of the easiest models I've ever done, just two main colours and a small amount of detail painting. The top half of the U-Boat was given a couple of coats of Revells no.77 Dust Grey by airbrush and then left to dry overnight. The following day, mask off the top half of the hull and airbrush a couple of coats of Revells no.78 Tank Grey. The detail painting that I had done to this model is as follows; A black wash over the deck and drain vents in the hull sides. Brown panelling inside the conning tower. The horseshoes, life preservers, anchor and propellers painted with Gold, Dark Green, Dark Grey and Brass. Before I started to weather the sub, I needed to add the "U-99" plaque decals to the bow of the hull. Weathering was started by using Carrs "Rust" weathering powders for the rust stains running from the drain vents down the hull sides. This was continued using chalk pastels in various rusty brown colours to get the look I wanted. I then continued weathering the rest of the U-Boat using various colours of chalk pastels below the waterline and at deck level. To protect the weathering, I gave the model an all over coat of Johnsons Klear mixed with a little of Tamiya's Base Coat to matt the Klear down.To finish U-99 off, black thread was used to represent the cables running the length of her deck and conning tower. Then the flag decals were added where required.

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