F4F-4 Wildcat Title

Model Details

Dragon F4F-4 Wildcat with Carrier Deck, 1/72nd Scale

Detailing Items:
"Out Of Box"

Mr Hobby and Tamiya paints

Bronze Medal, ModelKraft 2011 Aircraft Pre-1945 1/72nd and larger class.

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USN F4F-4 Wildcat
It's hard to think I picked this kit up for just a few pounds at a show, but what a lucky find it was. There was nothing fancy about this kit, but it was the fact that it was different and I liked the look of the pictures on the box.
Building was done over a couple of weeks once it was started and I had the paints at hand. The assembly of the cockpit was basic with a decal for the dials. The fuselage went together without any problems and the joint line along the fuselage cleaned up with minimal fuss. When I fitted the inner sections of the folded wings after they were assmbled, a little filling was required around the where they joined the fuselage. The engine was assembled and painted then fitted inside the cowl which was prepainted on the inside first. This was then masked and fitted to the front of the fuselage along with the tail planes and cockpit canopy. The outer sections of the folding wings were assembled and cleaned up, then everything had a couple of light coats of white primer.
First the bottom half of the fuselage and underside of the wings were given a couple of coats of Mr Hobby Matt White via the airbrush. The required areas were the mask off using tape and liquid mask solution before mixing the Grey and USN Navy to get the intermidiate blue require for the mid section of the fuselage. Once this had dried, more masking and then the final colour of USN Navy along with the upper sides of the outer wings. My usual process of Johnsons "Klear", decals, more "Klear" then weathering finishing with a matt coat of "Klear" was done before final assembly of the undercarriage, etc.
The carrier deck consisted of two sections that were joined together and painted with various shades of dark browns. The metal work was painted with Mr Hobby's Steel and when it was all dry, a wash of diluted Revell Aquacolor Matt Black was brushed over the whole deck. Before this was fully dry, it was wripped over with a damp cloth to remove most of the Black paint to highlight the deck details. The wheel chocks were painted a dark wood colour then glued in position on the deck ready for the aircraft.