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Model Details

Fujimi's 1995 Honda Integra Type R, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:

Halfords Ford Light Sapphire Blue and Clear.

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1995 Honda Integra Type R
This is Fujimi's 1995 Honda Integra Type R kit. It's a basic kit to build, ideal for someone who is a beginner. I build this model just because I was bored. So it has not been done as stock.
The body colour is Ford Light Sapphire Blue from Halfords. I also used Tamiya's Metallic Blue on the rims to blend in more with the body colour. A custom colour scheme of two-tone blue has been used for the interior. The only alterations that have been done to the kit, is the twin tailpipes on the exhaust and the re-shaping of the bumper for this. Otherwise, it's just a basic build.
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