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Tamiya's Morris Mini Cooper 1275 S, 1/24th scale.

Detailing Items:
Alclad Chrome and Stainless Steel, Bare Metal Foil Chrome and Hiroboy's Light Grey Flock.

Tamiya's Gloss Red and Clear

Hinckley 2008 3rd place civilian vehicles class.
Letchworth 2008 Bronze civilian vehicles class.

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Morris Mini Cooper 1275S Mk1
This project started out as an impulse buy when I was browsing through a model shop in Windsor one day. The original plan was to build it as the Mini my Father had when I was young, but he did not have an photo's of it, so I decided to build it as a Cooper. After looking through the instructions, I chose to build in the red with the black roof colour scheme and the red and grey interior.
The model is basically built "Out Of Box", except I changed the carpet colour to grey instead of red and the engine was to be wired and plumbed the best I could with space allowing. During a conversation with a friend at the IPMS show at Telford, the challenge was put forwards to open the boot as a laugh (I think it was a laugh), so I thought "Why not, I've never seen it done before!" and it was done. After searching the internet for photo's of the boot interior, the twin fuel tanks, covered spare wheel and battery, rear seat panel and boot lid framework was all scratch-built.
Whilst I was clearing the bodyshell, a silly mistake was made by myself. I had done the bonnet and bodyshell, put the can down to get the boot lid and put it on the stand for spraying. By mistake, I picked up a can of Gloss Black instead of the clear and gave the boot lid a coat of Black. Result, strip and respray the boot lid, but it came out a slightly different shade for some reason. I'll have to rectify this a bit later. Any chrome plating was stripped and redone using Alclad Chrome with BMF used for the chrome window trims. Whilst researching this project, I discovered some photographs of a 1962 Mini Cooper S for sale on the internet. It was the same colour as my model so I decided to use the registration on the model. Then I realised that by coincidence, the registration also happened to be my initials too.
This is a great kit that Tamiya has produced and I would recommend this to anyone, even a beginner. There are three more of the original Mini's in Tamiya's 1/24th scale range for me to build at some point.
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