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Harrier Jump Jet

I chose this at the model shop at Christmas. I built and painted where the pilot sits and other bits of the plane, but I helped Grandad build the rest of it. Well, I watched him and made him hurry up when he took too long to build it. I like this one because it is bigger then the other planes I have got in for now and it is fast. This was too hard for me to build and paint by myself, so it was best for Grandad to do it for me and put all of the stickers on it.

Grandads comments: When he chose this kit, I knew then I would be doing most of the work on it. But he did build the cockpit by himself with my supervision and assembled parts of the model that was not too hard for him to do. The rest of the work was done with Kyran supervising and learning about how to do things, with constant questions and hurrying ups.

Kyrans Harrier
Kyrans Harrier
Kyrans Harrier

Model: Revell 1/48th Scale Harrier GR7.



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